Earning a Living and Beyond
I am a systems engineer and analyst by profession. My career started at Bell Laboratories in 1965
when I was hired on as a technician. In 1971, I received a Bachelor of Science degree from
Monmouth College (now
Monmouth University) in Long Branch, New Jersey; and two years later,
in 1973, an MSEE degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn (Brooklyn Po
lly as we used to
called it) in Brooklyn, New York. I then joined a systems engineering design group at Bell
Laboratories that later went on to develop the first commercial cellular system in the United States.
I am also a holder of two patents, both in wireless, and have authored and presented many technical
papers on that subject to the professional technical community. In March 1978, I was privileged to
receive IEEE's Vehicular Technology Group’s Paper of the Year Award, and in March 1984, I
received Bell Laboratories' Distinguished Technical Staff Award. I am also a member of the Eta
Kapa Nu Electrical Engineering Honor Society.

Over the years I have expanded my interests to other technical fields such as aerodynamics,
hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, and naval architecture. I am also a holder of a Private Pilot
Certificate with over 200 hours in single engine land aircraft.
In 1990 I was asked to join Bell Laboratories' internal Technical Education Center to lead a small group of people that created a
wireless curriculum for associate learner development. In that capacity I was directly involved in developing and teaching courses in
advanced wireless technologies in addition to managing the training group. I then left the Labs in early 2001 to join a small technical
training organization where I continued to develop and teach courses on wireless to the technical staff of several large high-tech
companies that were involved in building various products.
Now that I no longer have to work full time for a living, I have much more time to spend doing the things the really enjoy doing. My
office, which doubles as a spare guest room, is set up with all I need to pursue my various interests. Shelves of reference books and
papers that I use all the time, and old but reliable PC on the desk top, printer, fax machine and land-line phone, and a few models of
ships and trains that I've built over the years right over the desk.
Holding a set H&W Titanic GA plans.
Shelves of reference books and papers.
Work area layout and shelves of models.
Ship models include:
- Yacht America
- USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
USS Saipan (LHA-2)
SS Titanic