For the first time, the circumstances leading up to the collision that took place on 20 September 1911 is objectively analyzed and
presented.  Like most collision cases, there are two different, and mutually exclusive versions as to what had happened in the minutes
before the two vessels involved came into contact with each other.  To those on
Olympic, it appeared that Hawke, after first coming up
from behind, deliberately turned toward the massive ocean liner in a failed attempt to go under her stern.  To those on
Hawke, their
protected cruiser was mysteriously drawn into
Olympic as the pride of the White Star Line was accelerating past them in the restricted
waters of the Solent.

This project had its beginnings in early 2010 after work was completed on an analysis of the collision that took place in July 1956
between the Italian liner
Andrea Doria and the Swedish liner Stockholm (see Lights To Port - Lights to Starboard).  Available to us for
this project was a wealth of primary source materials, including access to transcripts of the Naval inquiry that took place just two days
after the collision, the subsequent court trial that followed in November, as well as subsequent appeals and other related materials that
dealt with the specifics of the case. In this book, we examine all aspects leading up to the collision, and critically analyze the claims
made by both sides as to what happened.  We also look at the role of adverse hydrodynamic interaction between two vessels in
restricted waterways, and look at the contributory circumstances leading up to a situation that caught both sides by surprise. Based on
all the evidence presented, we present a detailed scenario of what most likely happened in the Solent that September day showing the
minute-by-minute movements of each vessel before and after the collision. Finally, we address the question of could the collision have
been prevented and what was learned, if anything, from a collision that seemingly should not have happened.
Ch 1.  “There’s Going to be a Collision”
Ch 2.  
  A One-Sided Enquiry
Ch 3.  
  Trial in the High Court of Justice
Ch 4.  
  Appeals and Judgments
Ch 5.  
  An Olympic Tale
Ch 6.  
  A Hawke’s Tale
Ch 7.  
  In Search of  Reality  
Ch 8.  
  Damages and Repairs
Ch 9.  
  Causes and Alternatives
Ch 10.  Incident at Southampton
Appendix A. Hydrodynamic Forces and  Interactions
Appendix B. The Equation of Continuity
The Sting of the Hawke: Collision in the Solent
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 10 Jan 2015.  122 pages.