Forever In Our Hearts
A Tribute to Some Lost Best Friends
Sep 1967 - Feb 1981
Nov 1980 - Oct 1995
Mar 1995 - Jun 2009
Katie and Me - Yes, we're reading an aviation weather book
together somewhere around the year 2000 when I was an
active private pilot.
Before Katie there was Mitzi, and before Mitzi, there was Tippi. We got Tippi when she was a pup just a few
weeks old  in Oct 1967. Mitzi we got from the shelter in Mar 1981 when she was already several months old.
We have always considered and treated our dog as another child in our family. Katie, Mitzi and Tippi will live
in out hearts forever. We will never forget them.
What can I say about my Katie?  We got her in
November of 1995 from the Humane Society down
in Tinton Falls, NJ. At the time she about 8 months
old, having lived with another family for about 5
months before they decided that she was too much
work for their kids to handle after they started
school in September. She spent about 2 1/2 months
in the shelter before we found her there the day after
Thanksgiving.  She was everything we hoped for
and more. Smart, bright eyed, with a great spirit.
Did I say she was very smart? She was part German
Shepard and part something else, we don't really
know what else. But that's not what was important
to us.   She was part of our family and my best
friend.  My BFF-KT.